Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why Donald Trump is the perfect Republican presidential candidate for 2016 (unless you happen to be a Republican)

Democracy, which means despair of finding any Heroes to govern you, and contented putting up with the want of them.
-Thomas Carlyle

Fascism is capitalism in decay.
-Vladimir Lenin

There's a sucker born every minute.
-P.T. Barnum

There's an old saying which states that democracy is only as good as those who participate in it. If this old saying is true (and I happen to believe that it is), then 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is proof that democracy is in critical condition and needs to be put on life support in order to survive within the United States.
In case you haven't figured it out by now, the Republican Party is in a state of crisis like never before in its history. This is due in large part to the fact that despite their efforts to attract more voters to their brand of politics, the Republican National Committee has been held hostage by their most loyal voting base which is made up of constituents who no longer believe in the idea that bipartisan compromise leads to greater electoral victories when it comes to who represents their party. Instead, their belief is much more rigid, simplistic and to the point: "Give us what we demand, or we will find someone else who will". Only in recent decades has this spoiled-rotten mentality of extreme partisanship found its way into the American political mainstream, and it is this infantile mentality that con artists like Donald Trump are now taking advantage of to further their own reputations at the expense of American culture.

Trump appeals to and epitomizes the two main groups of thought within the Republican Party: Those who believe that wealth, power and influence are the only determining factors in regards to how successful a person is in society, and those who are willing to insult and dehumanize anyone who disagrees with them. In both groups, historical facts and figures only stand in the way of what they want to see or hear every time Donald Trump opens his mouth. Any form of intellectual, objective or rational thought has no place at the table for supporters of Trump's candidacy, and he is already well aware of it.

What makes Donald Trump's candidacy for the 2016 presidency disturbing is that it is a reflection on how self-absorbed and isolated a certain percentage of the American electorate have become as a result of years of foreign and domestic failures within the Republican Party, and these failures are the main reason why Republicans have ironically chosen to blame everyone other than themselves for the problems created within their own faction. The "know nothing/believe anything" attitude that exists within the Republican electorate is at its most elevated level whenever someone who openly challenges the decency and fairness of American society decides to run for public office under the GOP's banner. Put simply, Republicans want someone who will pander to their innermost destructive demons regardless if they happen to claim otherwise, and no one knows this and is putting it into practice for 2016 more than Donald Trump. 

 Another disturbing aspect of Trump's candidacy is the fact that his supporters honestly believe that he has the ability to relate to them on a personal level. This is another example of the "know nothing/believe anything" attitude within the Republican electorate which continues to isolate their party, especially given the fact that the majority of voters are already familiar with Trump's reputation as a man who credits no one other than himself for his success as an entrepreneur in real estate and the celebrity that has come with it. Keep in mind that the only person who has ever given Donald Trump a run for his money when it comes to self-aggrandizement (and was rather successful at doing it) was New York hotel mogul Leona Helmsley during the 1980s.

For Helmsley, however, her success also led to her downfall because of her decision to willfully avoid paying income taxes, which resulted in her being convicted for tax evasion and being sentenced to serve time in Federal prison. After her death in August of 2007, it was discovered that Helmsley had entrusted all of her remaining wealth to her pet dog... "Queen of Mean" indeed.
The other reason for why I mention Leona Helmsley is because her shallow outlook on success permeates throughout the Republican agenda at this point in time. Greed, selfishness, corruption, criminality, arrogance---behavior that used to be kept behind closed doors within the GOP is now accepted as virtuous and to be celebrated, along with the notion that such behavior should be legitimized as a reason for making arguments to eliminate Federal spending for departments like the Internal Revenue Service. Even novelist Ayn Rand was proven to be a hypocritical fraud when it was discovered that she collected Social Security benefits while writing about the "virtuous" advantages of putting one's own interests above the needs of others, but that doesn't prevent conservatives from placing Rand's ideology of "rugged individualism" above the concept of using tax dollars for the purpose of civil charity towards the least fortunate and most vulnerable in American society. As I have already alluded to earlier, facts and figures only get in the way for "know nothing/believe anything" Republican voters who would rather see a good political dust-up that helps to further their party's agenda during an election season, even if that agenda only benefits the smallest and wealthiest percentage of the U.S. population after the dust settles.

But perhaps the biggest reason for Donald Trump's popularity among the Republican electorate has more to do with the amount of desperation within the GOP since the end of Ronald Reagan's presidency than anything else, especially when one considers the damaging effects of Reagan's foreign and domestic policies combined with the disastrous blunders of "less government" neo-conservatism during George W. Bush's term in the White House. Even before Reagan became governor of California during the 1960s, the Republican Party had a reputation for using desperate tactics like, for example, the use of propaganda laced with blatantly false accusations aimed at Democrats and other rival political factions for the purpose of remaining relevant in the minds of voters following World War II when communism was beginning to replace Euro-fascism as the new political bogeyman in American society. Yet U.S. historians and economists have already proven that a large number of wealthy and prominent Republicans privately financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany during the 1930s instead of using their money to help stabilize the damaging effects of the Great Depression within their own country; a fact that only a certain percentage of Americans are aware of in this day and age, and a fact that the RNC would rather sweep under the carpet of time so that future generations of voters will never find out about it.

Desperate people have a tendency to do or say things that are considered as legitimate in times of political and/or social unrest, even if what they are doing and/or saying is proven to be nothing more than expressions of vitriolic hypocrisy. These desperate people also have a tendency to not allow the cooler heads to prevail in such circumstances. Considering the current situation that Republicans find themselves in regarding their party's lack of popularity among the majority of voters, it really is no wonder as to why so many of them are enthralled with the prospect of having a self-aggrandizing megalomaniac like Donald Trump become the next president of the United States. For the average "know nothing/believe anything" Republican voter, desperate times call for desperate measures, and no one within the field of 2016 presidential hopefuls panders to the preposterous and bellicose desperation among Republican voters by using campaign rhetoric loaded with the perfect blend of defamation, demagoguery and fear-mongering better than "The Donald". It could be argued that when it comes to the majority of the 2016 Republican electorate who support Trump's candidacy for president, false hope is better for their party than no hope at all.

Whatever the reasons are for his high approval ratings among Republicans, one thing is certain: Donald J. Trump is most likely to become the one Republican presidential candidate who exposes everything that is wrong with the GOP before he is finished. Whether or not Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus or any conservative lobbyist likes it, Trump could end up taking the Republican Party down with him by simply giving Republican voters exactly what they demand for and, to a large extent, what they deserve: A presidential candidate who will tell them everything that they want to hear regardless of how devastating the consequences will be for their own party by November of 2016.

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Noel Padilla said...

Excellent article. It's exactly what ive been telling my GOP friends, he's telling you what you want to hear and won't be able to fulfill any of his promises.

Noel Padilla said...

Excellent article. It's exactly what ive been telling my GOP friends, he's telling you what you want to hear and won't be able to fulfill any of his promises.

Matt said...

Thank you, Noel.